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Exquisite workmanship, smooth and shiny, lasting bright new

Holding 10 Years of Experience, Company basic profile & Products range Chun Surplus Jewelry & Accessories (Original name Zhejiang Mingshi Jewelry) is a professional integrated industrial and trade enterprises specialize in 925 sterling silver, brass with cubic zircon stones, zinc alloy jewelries in Yiwu City Of Zhejiang Province. Our main products cover fashion earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, brooches, pendants, body chains, rhinestones hair decorations etc jewelry and accessories. . Monthly Turnout Reaching 500,000 Pieces, Production capacity With approx 60 workers, our factory could produce over 500,000 pcs monthly. Lead time for bulk order production within 25 days. Launching 200 New Styles Each Month As professional designers and develop team, we have approx ...


Exquisite workmanship, smooth and shiny, lasting bright new








Exquisite workmanship, smooth and shiny, lasting bright new

Product innovation,
leading the trend

Monthly development of 900 varieties of original new, put into production 500 varieties, weekly batch of new. On a quarterly basis, we will visit Korea, Japan and Europe and the United States to ensure that the products

ODM jewelry customization,
professional proofing

Drawings and samples can be customized, but also provide design and research, 8 days to achieve delivery, large volume can be customized. Support proofing,Provide packaging design, effectively meet the brand or personal demand for personalized jewelry.


Unique design, absolutely original

We have young, innovative elite, R & D team of nearly 30 people,Experienced, from professional institutions, attaches great importance to product innovation design.

Perfect enterprise service
system, professional focus

Own factory, no minimum quantity, quantity flexibility, product category is complete,Rich in style, small quantities are also available from stock. Support to map sample order,ODM


Exquisite workmanship, smooth and shiny, lasting bright new

12 2017-07

Silver processing factory: 999 Sterling Silver and 925 silver difference

In the past to stay the idea, it must be 999 sterling silver to do the silver, because it contains the highest silver content. Good silver processing factory reminder, in fact, not, this is a misunderstanding in the cognitive. Below, silver processing factory, we talk about.


27 2017-05

Ladies should learn the skills of jewelry collocation

We often say "people rely on clothes horse saddle", if a person dress collocation is good, the temperament of the whole person is brought up, especially women, coupled with their own jewelry, can support their temperament threatening! Silver jewelry manufacturers face the reminder, a superb collection of beautiful things of jewelry the most expensive or not, love is the best, should choose the most suitable jewelry to foil their jewelry, so learning collocation skills is very necessary. Below is the jewelry manufacturers to introduce jewelry matching skills.


27 2017-05

Silver processing factory: colored jewelry should be how to maintain?

Jewelry is so magical, can give us unlimited reverie, beautiful and romantic, noble and elegant... So you have the heart to look at them as the week maintenance is not compromised? The silver jewelry processing factory, to teach you how to repair coloured jewels,


27 2017-05

What's the good of drinking vinegar? Vinegar can bring 5 benefits for women

Vinegar is a very common condiment in our kitchen. When you cook or boil soup, drop a few drops of vinegar, not only color, flavor and taste, but also the dishes become more nutritious. Well, you know, vinegar, in addition to as conditioning products, we can drink vinegar directly? What's the advantage of drinking vinegar? Today, Xiao Bian came to tell you, often drink vinegar can bring 5 benefits for women, together to understand it.